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Refund Policy 2019-03-16T12:27:57+05:30

Since we give free demo to evaluate our services and support system, we expect that the client is satisfied before making the payment(s), therefore we, “Frii Trade Academy”, have no refund policy.

By making the payment(s) for our services we assume that the client has availed our demo and read the disclosure and has made the payment only after being satisfied with the quality of services and support from us.

We give our best efforts and are confident about the quality of services that we give. We try to give the same level of services during the demo period as well as after that, therefore there is no refund policy or cancellation of payment.

Before making the payment we recommend you to:

  1. Get the client profiling done by our business development team.
  2. Read the details about our products, services and support and also the risks involved in the product(s)
  3. Take demo to evaluate the quality of our services and support.
  4. Go through our website and read about the Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions, Client consent/agreement, FAQ and Privacy Policy.
  5. Contact us if you still have any query on our customer care number.

Thus by making the payment, the client agrees and acknowledges that you have read the above NO REFUND policy and agree to all the terms and conditions of Frii Trade Academy.